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How to Shop for Hearing Aids

Tremendous strides have been made in hearing aid technology in recent years. These advances have led to a new fitting concept known as open fit.

In the past, a hearing aid would completely fill the ear canal. The sensation of having both ears plugged kept many patients from wearing hearing aids. Open fit hearing aids avoid the "plugged up feeling" and provide a comfortable natural sound. People no longer have to choose between comfort and hearing.

Open fit hearing aids require no custom fitting or earmold, so they are easily purchased online from a qualified audiologist. Simply input your audiogram and our audiologist will customize your new hearing aids for your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

How are we able to program the hearing aids specifically for your hearing loss?

Upon purchase, you are guided through a check-out process that includes inputting your audiogram information. By doing this, our staff can program your hearing aid(s) to fit you best. An audiogram can be acquired through an ear,nose, and throat doctor or an audiologist.

Be fit by our audiologist!